Panda Born at Zoo Atlanta

Lun Lun, a 13-year-old panda, has given birth today to the only baby panda born in the US this year. It is the third cub born to Lun Lun and her partner Yang Yang.

The cub and mother are being monitored by zoo veterinarians. The baby will not be on view to the public until spring of next year. Until then you can check out the Panda Cam which is on from 10-5 Monday through Friday.

For more visit Zoo Atlanta and their Panda Cam.

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New Panda Cub on Display at Zoo Atlanta

Although the PandaCam was turned off December 31 at Zoo Atlanta due to cost issues, here is a photo of Xi Lan, the second cub born to mother Lun Lun. Xi Lan was recently put on display in his mother’s enclosure.

Xi Lan - panda cub  at Zoo Atlanta

For more information about Xi Lan, see Panda cub put on display at Zoo Atlanta.

To learn more about pandas, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Giant Panda.

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