Baby Animals of 2011

There were so many adorable baby animals born in 2011.  Here are a few highlights:

Baldest Baby: This baby aardvark was born at Busch Gardens Tampa on April 10, 2011. He was hand-reared by zookeepers because his mother was neglecting him.

Photo provided by Busch Gardens

Unlikely Friends: An 8-week-old cheetah (born in February) was paired with a 16-week-old yellow lab at Busch Gardens Tampa. The two adolescents became great pals.

Cheetah cub and puppy friends

Photo provided by Busch Gardens

Most Smiley: A dolphin calf was born on July 26th at SeaWorld Orlando. Here he is bonding with his mother.

Dolphin mother and calf

Photo provided by SeaWorld

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of amazing animal babies of 2011. Happy New Year!