Baby Gorilla Reunited with Mother

Nayembi and mama gorilla at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Nayembi and mama gorilla at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Photo by Lincoln Park Zoo.

Nayembi, a female western lowland gorilla, was recently reunited with her mother after she was separated to recover from an injury. They live together at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL.

Before the full reunion, the two were able to see and smell each other under the watchful eye of caregivers.

The pair will be given some privacy to bond before the public will be able to visit with them again.

Baby gorillas

Photo by Lincoln Park Zoo.

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Baby Gorilla at Miami Metro Zoo

On Father’s Day, Miami Metro Zoo keepers were greeted with a pleasant surprise when they arrived to work: a newborn western lowland gorilla! The new baby, whose sex is still to be determined, was born to mother Kumbuka, 14 years old, and father JJ, 32 years old.

Baby gorilla and mom at Miami Metro Zoo

Baby gorilla with mother Kumbuka at the Miami Metro Zoo. Photo Credit: Armando Raul Rodriguez

To learn more, see:
Miami Metro Zoo’s Facebook Photo Album

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Another Western Lowland Gorilla Born

While zookeepers in San Francisco were training a surrogate mother for the abandoned western lowland gorilla born there last month, another baby gorilla was born at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.  The newborn arrived in full view of spectators and a zookeeper last weekend.

In the wild, western lowland gorillas inhabit West and Central Africa where they are critically endangered.

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Surrogate Mother in Training for Rejected Baby Gorilla

Baby gorilla

San Francisco zookeepers are currently training Bawang, a proven mother, to care for the baby gorilla born in December of last year.  The baby’s mother, Monifa, had abandoned the little one shortly after his birth and took no interest in tending to him.

According to Corrine MacDonald, curator of primates at the San Francisco Zoo, “Teaching Bawang to be a surrogate mom is no easy task and it’s going to take a lot of time and patience. She is an incredibly intelligent gorilla and all of us are committed to bringing these two together and ensuring this infant becomes a beloved member of the troop.”

Monifa, Bawang, and the infant are western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla), which are critically endangered in the wild.

For more information about the baby gorilla, see: NBC Bay Area’s “They Found a Mother Who Could Love This Face.”

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