Giant Pandas Move from US to China

Three year old panda Mei Lan and her 4 year old cousin, Tai Shan, were flown this morning from the United States to China aboard a plane dubbed “The Panda Express.” The two pandas were living at Zoo Atlanta and the National Zoo in Washington, respectively. They were on loan from China and are being sent back to help repopulate the endangered species.

One of the interesting transitions for the pandas to make will be to learn to understand commands in Chinese. Being raised in the United States, the pandas have been trained in English. Therefore, a Chinese language teacher is being hired.

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Pikas May End Up on Endangered Species List

pikaClimate change may be to blame for decreasing populations of pikas, a furry relative of rabbits. Pikas make their home in the mountainous regions of the western United States but are threatened by rising temperatures. While other animals are able to move as a way to adapt to changing temperatures, pikas will not migrate. Once they decide on a home they will stay there, even if it results in their death.

If the pika becomes listed as a threatened or endangered species, laws can be changed or created to curb activities that create greenhouse gases.

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