Chimps Use Tools to Cut Food

Chimps have been observed using stone and wooden cleavers to chop up food in the Nimba Mountains of Guinea, Africa. The chimps were seen breaking into Treculia fruits, which are hard shelled and volleyball-sized, and then cutting them into smaller portions.

Chimps have been observed using tools in the past to find food, including stones to crush nuts and twigs to fish termites out of holes. This is the first time that chimps have been seen using tools to process food after obtaining it.

Read more at the BBC.

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Intelligent Octopuses

For the first time octopuses have been observed using tools. Researchers discovered that veined octopuses, found off the coast of Indonesia, use coconut shells to build armor for themselves. The octopuses where spotted collecting coconut shells and taking them when they moved to protect themselves from potential predators.

This marks the first time an invertebrate has been discovered to use tools.


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