Stripe-less Tiger

Fareeda, a white Bengal tiger, has recently turned six months old and has yet to develop any stripes. Her handlers say that she probably will never develop stripes if she has not already. That makes Fareeda one of the rarest tigers in the world. There are twenty other stripe-less tigers in the world. All are in captivity. Fareeda was bred as part of conservation program in South Africa.
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Tiger Cubs at Save China’s Tigers

A month ago, two tigers were born as part of the Save China’s Tigers (SCT) breeding project in South Africa. They were born under natural conditions without human intervention or observation.

The cubs’ arrival is especially important as they are among a very limited number of South China tigers. According to Li Quan, founder of SCT, “[The cubs’ birth] is another important step in our rewilding and breeding project and a major achievement in tiger conservation history.” There are only 76 South China tigers in captivity and possibly as few as 30 in the wild.

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