Busch Gardens Celebrates International Tiger Day

Endangered Malayan Tiger Cubs and Mom on Jungala Habitat

International Tiger Day takes place on July 29th, and Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida will be celebrating all weekend. In addition to discussions on tigers, feedings, and face painting, proceeds from the tigress and cubs plush toys sold in the Tiger Lodge gift shop in the Jungala area will be donated to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. On exhibit will be the endangered Malayan tiger cubs pictured.

Endangered Malayan Tiger Cubs and Mom on Jungala Habitat 2

Visit Busch Gardens.

Read about Siberian Tigers at Animal Fact Guide.

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Tiger Cubs

Two zoos have news about tiger cubs!

Sumatran tiger cub at Oklahoma City Zoo

Sumatran tiger cub at Oklahoma City Zoo. (Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman and Newsok)

The Oklahoma City Zoo recently put its four Sumatran tiger cubs, which were born on July 9, out for public display. According to Oklahoma City Zoo’s Mammal Curator Laura Bottaro, “These beautiful cats are a critically endangered species and every birth enables us to further the health and conservation of the species.” In the wild, Sumatran tigers live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and are the smallest subspecies of tiger. To learn more about the Sumatran tiger cubs, see the Oklahoma City Zoo website.

The Toledo Zoo is proud to announce the arrival of two Amur tiger cubs, which were born September 26. They will go on public display in January. Amur tigers (aka Siberian tigers) are endangered and reside in a small region in southeast Russia. They are also located in small numbers in China and North Korea. Amur tigers are the largest subspecies of tiger. To learn more about Amur tigers, see Animal Fact Guide’s article, Siberian Tiger. To learn more about the new tiger cubs, see the Toledo Zoo website.

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Live Tiger Found in Suitcase

Airport staff in Thailand found a live tiger cub packed into a suitcase filled with stuffed animals. The staff noticed what looked like a live cat when x-raying the suitcase. When they opened the suitcase to investigate they found the two-month-old cub. The cub had been sedated.

For the whole story, visit CNN.com.

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Tiger Cubs at Save China’s Tigers

A month ago, two tigers were born as part of the Save China’s Tigers (SCT) breeding project in South Africa. They were born under natural conditions without human intervention or observation.

The cubs’ arrival is especially important as they are among a very limited number of South China tigers. According to Li Quan, founder of SCT, “[The cubs’ birth] is another important step in our rewilding and breeding project and a major achievement in tiger conservation history.” There are only 76 South China tigers in captivity and possibly as few as 30 in the wild.

For more photos, visit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/earth/2991191/New-cubs-at-Save-Chinas-Tigers-breeding-project.html

For more info: http://www.sagoodnews.co.za/environment/endangered_south_china_tigress_gives_birth_in_sa.html

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