Life-size LEGO Animals

The Philadelphia Zoo is hosting a unique exhibit – LEGO animals. Sean Kenney, a LEGO certified professional, created 10 exhibits showcasing endangered species made entirely out of the popular bricks.  Each of the exhibits offers a glimpse into the habit of endangered animals. Overall, thirty sculptures have been made, including a polar bear and a Humboldt penguin.

The exhibit, called Creatures of Habit: A Gazillion Piece Animal Adventure,  runs through October 31st.

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Eaglet Gets Chance to Live in the Wild

The Philadeplia Zoo recently welcomed an eaglet. While the eaglet’s parents are unable to live in the wild, their baby will not be raised in the confines of the zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo and the Pennsylvania Game Commission worked together to bring the eaglet out of the zoo and back into the wild. The baby was placed in a nest with two other eaglets in an undisclosed location north of Philadelphia. This is the second time the zoo and game commission have placed a captive born eaglet in the wild.

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