Two Pandas FedEx-ed from China to France

FedEx Panda Express

Did you know you can FedEx a panda? On January 15, two pandas named Huan Huan and Yuan Zi, who were born at the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, boarded a specially-chartered Boeing 777F flight known as the “FedEx Panda Express.”

During the non-stop flight to Paris, France (5,489 miles away), the pair of pandas passed the time snoozing and eating bamboo in custom-built enclosures. They were accompanied by a Chinese veterinarian and animal handler as well as the managing director from ZooParc de Beauval, their new home.

FedEx panda infographic
(Click image for larger PDF of the infographic.)

FedEx Express has a long history of transporting rare and delicate cargo, including other pandas, polar bears, white tigers, elephants, penguins, mountain lions, gorillas, eagles, and even a 13-foot tiger shark used in filming the movie “Jaws.”

For more information about Huan Huan and Yuan Zi’s trip, see the FedEx Blog.

To learn more about pandas, see Animal Fact Guide’s article, Giant Panda.

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New Panda Cub on Display at Zoo Atlanta

Although the PandaCam was turned off December 31 at Zoo Atlanta due to cost issues, here is a photo of Xi Lan, the second cub born to mother Lun Lun. Xi Lan was recently put on display in his mother’s enclosure.

Xi Lan - panda cub  at Zoo Atlanta

For more information about Xi Lan, see Panda cub put on display at Zoo Atlanta.

To learn more about pandas, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Giant Panda.

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