Octopus Performs Magic Trick

Octopuses are very smart creatures.  And it seems they’re always in the news creating mischief. There was Otto the octopus in Germany who climbed to the rim of his aquarium and shot water at the overhead light shorting it out.  And more recently, Sid the octopus in New Zealand escaped from his tank and hid in a drain for five days.

Truman the octopus

The latest octopus making headlines is Truman from the New England Aquarium who managed to squeeze his 7-foot body into a 14-inch square plastic box.  Truman’s caretakers had placed a few crabs inside a 6-inch box, latched it, and then placed the small box inside the 14-inch box and latched that. In this way, it would serve as an enrichment activity for Truman because he would have to figure out how to unlatch the first box and then the second box in order to eat the crabs.  But instead, Truman decided to skip a step and just squeeze his head and legs through a 2-inch hole in the large box. Once inside, he got to work on unlatching the smaller box.

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