Beast Hunter on NatGeo

Ragunan Zoo Jakarta - Indonesia: Pat with seven-year-old female Orangutan 'Pinky' in Ragunan zoo Jakarta. (Photo Credit: © Icon Films)

The world is filled with strange and fascinating creatures, and throughout the ages, scientists have identified a multitude of species. However, there are still some creatures known only by the folklore and stories surrounding them; their appearance and characteristics becoming more and more fantastic with each retelling. But their existence has yet to be verified.

Taking on the search for such creatures is Pat Spain, a wildlife scientist and great-nephew of famed paranormal investigator Charles Fort. As he searches for these bizarre creatures (such as the Mongolian death worm – a 2-5 foot long worm whose touch results in instant death), Pat interviews locals and often undergoes cultural rituals to gain their trust. Pat uses the information he gathers from interviews and the latest technology to find scientific explanations for these animals.

You can join Pat on his adventures starting Friday, March 4 at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Watch a clip of Pat interacting with Pinky the orangutan below (filmed while shooting the premiere episode, “Man Ape of Sumatra”):

Watch more clips from the show here.

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