Great Migrations on National Geographic Channel

The seven-part programming event, Great Migrations, is coming to National Geographic Channel starting this Sunday, November 7 at 8pm.

After two and a half years in the field, the National Geographic Great Migrations team has chronicled epic animal migration in 20 countries across all seven continents.  The seven-hour mini series is narrated by Emmy and Golden Globe award winner Alec Baldwin.

Watch the videos below for a preview this fascinating documentary:

Red Crab Migration
The red crabs of Christmas Island must travel five miles on land en masse to reach the water to breed.  For a crab, this distance represents an ultramarathon.  They face many harrowing obstacles along the way, including dehydration, cars, and yellow crazy ants.

Nomadic Elephants
In Mali, a land-locked, arid country in Western Africa, African elephants must migrate in 300-mile circle from watering hole to watering hole in order to survive.

Monarch Butterfly: Growing Up Butterfly
The migratory monarch butterfly will travel south to Mexico for the winter to avoid the frosts which would kill it. Watch the amazing transformation of the monarch butterfly from egg to caterpillar to butterfly before it begins its long trek southward.

Don’t miss Great Migrations on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday, November 7, at 8pm.

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