Rhino on the Loose!

Archie the rhino

Archie the rhino escaped from his pen at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Archie, a 41-year-old, 4000 pound rhinoceros at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Florida, managed to escape from his enclosure.  Zoo workers were not able to lure Archie back to his pen with food — a tactic that worked years ago when he attempted escape once before.

Although out of his enclosure, the rhino was never near any of the zoo visitors because he was still fenced out of public areas.  After sedating Archie, 20 zoo workers were able to lead him down a service road into his pen.

Zoo employees believe he was able to escape because the door to his enclosure was not secured properly.

For more info, see: CBS4.com.

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Aviation Authority Helps Zoo

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority in Florida has teamed up with the Jacksonville Zoo to provide tree clippings and shrubbery (also known as “browse”)  to the zoo’s animals. The area around the airport offers natural vegetation year round that will supplement the diets of the zoo’s giraffes, okapis, great apes, and elephants.

According to Michael Stewart, JAA’s Director of External Affairs, “This partnership is going to make a tremendous impact to the amount of healthy browse needed by our local zoo. We’re pleased that we can provide the zoo access to property that meets their need to supply an enriched diet of seasonal trees and shrubs to such a variety of animals.”

Next time you’re at the zoo, you just might see a giraffe or an elephant eating leaves from the airport!

Elephants eating clippings at Jacksonville Zoo

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Baby Bonobo at Jacksonville Zoo

bonobo baby
Photo: Marian Brickner

A female baby bonobo was born November 6 to Kuni of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  Delfi Messinger, the Director of Animal Programs, said of the 24-year-old mother, “She seems so proud, and shows her baby to the ‘aunties’ in the group, as well as to her human caretakers.”

In the wild, bonobos live in the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Sharing 98.5% of the same DNA as humans, they embody a profound intelligence and a deep emotional capacity. To learn more about bonobos, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Bonobo.

To learn more about Kuni and her new baby, visit Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

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