Baby Zebra at Bronx Zoo

A new Grevy’s zebra foal made her debut recently at the Bronx Zoo. Named Terri, the little foal can be seen at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s African Plains exhibit.  Baby zebras are born with brown stripes that darken to black as they mature.

In the wild, Grevy’s zebras are considered endangered by the IUCN Redlist.  Their range is limited to parts of Ethiopia and Kenya.  Threats include a reduction in water sources, loss of habitat, hunting, and disease.

For more information on the baby zebra, see Gather News.

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Baby Zebra Makes Debut at Chicago Zoo

Enzi, a week-old Grevy’s zebra, made his first appearance at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago yesterday.

Below is a video of the lanky colt frolicking around with his mother Adia.

Grevy’s zebras are the largest type of zebra. In the wild, they inhabit Somalia and Kenya.

For more info, see:
Lincoln Park Zoo website

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