Zoo Pals: A Gorilla and a Rabbit

Gorilla and rabbit

Zoo pals: Samantha the gorilla and Panda the bunny. Photo by: Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News

What do you get when you pair an elderly zoo gorilla with a rabbit? At the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania, you get a friendship.

Samantha, a 47 year-old western lowland gorilla, was in need of companionship after her “roommate” Rudy, a male gorilla, died in 2005. Zoo keepers decided she was too frail and old to have another gorilla companion, so they introduced her to Panda, a Dutch rabbit.

The two unlikely friends hit it off. Samantha gently pets Panda, and they share food.

According to zoo director Cindy Kreider, “To have something sharing their space that they can observe and interact with is always going to be beneficial.”

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Baby Gorilla at Miami Metro Zoo

On Father’s Day, Miami Metro Zoo keepers were greeted with a pleasant surprise when they arrived to work: a newborn western lowland gorilla! The new baby, whose sex is still to be determined, was born to mother Kumbuka, 14 years old, and father JJ, 32 years old.

Baby gorilla and mom at Miami Metro Zoo

Baby gorilla with mother Kumbuka at the Miami Metro Zoo. Photo Credit: Armando Raul Rodriguez

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It’s a Girl! Baby Gorilla at Massachusetts Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo’s gorilla Kiki gave birth to a little girl on November 3rd. Since the birth, Kiki has been a doting mother, keeping her baby in her arms at all times. Kiki’s other daughters have expressed interest in the baby, and eventually, they will take part in rearing the little one. This practice prepares them for when they have their own babies. There will be a contest on December 17 to name the newest addition.

Gorilla and baby at Franklin Park Zoo

Kiki and her new baby at the Franklin Park Zoo a day after her birth. Photo by Dina Rudick / Globe Staff

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Gorilla Gives Birth

ganaGana, a gorilla living at the Allwetter Zoo in Germany has given birth to a daughter named Claudia. Mother and baby are reported to be doing well.

Gana was in the news last year after her baby, Claudio died at three months of age. Gana was so distraught at his death that she carried the body with her for several days trying to revive him.

She has had one other baby, a female named Mary Zwo that currently resides in a zoo in Stuttgart, Germany.

For more, visit the LA Times.

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