Panda Gives Birth to Eighth Cub

Hua Mei, an American born panda, gave birth to her eighth cub on Friday night. Eight cubs is a rare feat for pandas, a species known for breeding rarely.

Hua Mei gave birth to her cub at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in Sichuan province, China. The center is trying to increase the population of pandas in the world. There are currently 1600 in the wild and 290 in captivity.

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Giant Panda Pregnant at San Diego Zoo

Bai Yun, a giant panda living at the San Diego ZooIt has recently been confirmed that Bai Yun, a giant panda living at the San Diego Zoo (on loan from China’s Wolong Giant Panda Research Center) is pregnant!

An ultrasound showed that Bai Yun is currently carrying two fetuses, so it is possible she will give birth to twins.

Giant pandas are highly endangered in their native habitat of southwest China. To learn more about giant pandas in the wild, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Giant Panda.

For more info about Bai Yun, see LA Times.

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