Meerkat Looks for Love Online

If online dating works for humans, why not for meerkats? That’s the plan for the owners of the Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Leicestershire, England. They wanted a companion for their female meerkat Lilly, whose prospects for a male companion fell through shortly after her arrival at the park.

The owners worried that Lilly would become lonely because meerkats are social animals. So, the set up a website called Meerkat Match in hopes of finding a suitable mate for her.

The site allows meerkat owners to create a profile and upload photos of their meerkat. The park owners hope that someone who purchased a meerkat as a pet will decide its best to turn him over to the park.

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Skateboarding Owl

Alby has a talent unlike any other owl – he’s a skateboarding star!

Alby lives at the Folkestone Owl Sanctuary in Kent, England. Brian Maxted, who runs the sanctuary, often takes the owls to local shopping centers while seeking donations. One day while they were out a boy put his toy skateboard done and Alby jumped right on! Alby was pulled along while riding the skateboard and appears to have a great time.

Maxted bought Alby his own skateboard and now he has perfected his technique. Alby will swoop onto the board and use his momentum to glide forward. When the skateboard stops, he flies off and circles again for another ride!

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The Upside Down Goose

This amazing photo was taken by wildlife photographer Brian McFarlane in Strumpshaw, Norfolk, England.  The greylag goose was attempting to land on a freshwater lake on a very windy day. Turning its body upside is a move not uncommon for birds. It even has its own name, whiffling. Birds whiffle so that they may slow down and reduce their height quickly.

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