Label the Lemurs

lemur_twinsThe Detroit Zoo is holding a competition to name their two newest black and white ruffled lemurs. The male and female twins were born in June.

Anyone may suggest names through the zoo’s website. The deadline is September 2nd at midnight. It is suggested that names have a Malagasy origin as lemurs are native to Madagascar.

Zoo staff will select five male names and five female names to put for public vote.

Vote here.

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A is for Aardvark: Detroit Zoo Welcomes New Addition

Baby aardvark

Weighing in at 3 pounds, 10 ounces, this hairless, baby aardvark arrived into the world on December 8 at the Detroit Zoo.  Described as “hideously cute,” the newborn was named Amani, which is Swahili for “peace.”

Aardvarks live in Africa and use long sticky tongues to lap up insects.

For more information on Amani, see Free Press’s “Detroit Zoo welcomes newborn aardvark.”

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