Robo-Deer: Crime Fighter

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has recruited a new member into its anti-poaching squad.  His name is Robo-deer: an extremely lifelike mechanical deer that can turn its head and flick its tail.

When placed in the brush along roadsides, some hunters can’t help but pull over and take aim at the robotic buck even when it’s not hunting season.  After the offender shoots the deer, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials, who have been controlling Robo-deer via remote control, close in and make the arrest.  The maximum penalty for shooting a deer outside of hunting season is 1 year in prison.

Watch a video of Robo-deer on the program Operation Wild on Planet Green:

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353 New Himalayan Species

treefrogIn the last 10 years 353 new species have been discovered in the eastern Himalayas,  a mountain range in southern Asia. Among the species discovered are the smallest deer, a tree frog that can glide with its large webbed feet, and a new monkey species.  These newly discovered species are at risk, according to the WWF. The region the species were discovered in is at risk of climate change, deforestation, overgrazing, and poaching.


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