Edmonton Welcomes Baby Spider Monkey

If you happen to visit the Valley Zoo in Edmonton, Alberta and see a ball of fuzz clinging on the back of one of the spider monkey, don’t worry – it’s just the newest member of the zoo family. The new baby was born on February 1st and was just the guest of honor at a coming out party at the zoo.

For the next six to 10 weeks the baby will cling to its mother’s back. After the baby gains some independence and starts exploring on its own the staff will be able to determine the gender. Until then the baby will be unnamed.

In the wild, squirrel monkeys are found in Central and South America. They have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

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Black-footed Ferrets Reintroduced

black-footed-ferret09062Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada is now the home of 34 endangered black-footed ferrets. On Friday evening scientists and conservationists released the animals into the park in an effort to reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

The ferrets were nearly extinct until 1981, when a colony was found in Wyoming. This group was used to increase the population. Scientists and zoos from Canada and the United States worked together to breed and reintroduce the black-footed ferret.

After several years of effort, the ferrets were ready for release into the wild.

For more, visit CBCNews.

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