Saving More Victims of the Australian Bushfires

Jilly, eastern grey kangaroo at Healesville Sanctuary

The Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia is continuing to help thousands of wildlife survivors from the bushfires that ravaged the area last month.  They have rescued and treated lyrebirds, echidnas, koalas, and kangaroos for severe burns.

Jilly, a baby eastern grey kangaroo pictured above, was treated for burns to her feet, paws and tail. She also suffered severe dehydration and weight loss after losing her mother to the fires, so the Healesville staff has taken to bottle feeding her.

Before they can release the animals back into the wild, they’ll need to assess the suitability of the habitat as much of the land is completely scorched.

For more info: Reuters

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Australian Wildlife Death Toll in Millions Due to Fire

Sam the koala

The fire that has ravaged much of the landscape in Victoria, Australia has resulted in the death of many people and millions of native animals.

Wildlife rescuers are attempting to located injured animals, treat them, and release them into suitable habitat- a sizeable task considering the scorched, uninhabitable nature of the landscape.

For more info: LA Times

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