English Zoo Welcomes Baby Orangutan

Orangutan babyThursday, April 11 saw the birth of a Bornean orangutan at Paignton Zoo. Mother Mali and baby are doing well. This is the first orangutan birth at the zoo since 1997.

Orangutans are in declining populations in the wild, and the birth will help increase numbers of orangutans living in zoos.

Paignton Zoo is located in Devon, England. For more info, visit their site.

Read more about the Bornean Orangutan here.

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Reforestation Project in Borneo

Watch a very enlightening talk by Willie Smits of the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation about the reforestation project in Samboja Lestari, an area in Borneo devoid of fertility and viability in 2004 which is now a sustainable living environment for people, orangutans, and other wildlife.

For more information:
Samboja Lestari Page on Orangutan Outreach Website
BOS Samboja Lestari Create Rainforest Site

To learn more about Bornean orangutans, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Bornean Orangutan.

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Orangutan Hospital

In the midst of Malaysia lies the Infant Care Unit at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. Unlike our conventional idea of an Infant Care Unit this one specializes in Bornean orangutans. The facility currently cares for 23 abandoned and neglected infant orangutans.

The hospital helps maintain the population of endangered Bornean orangutans.

More info and more pictures: The Daily Mail

More more info check out Animal Fact Guide’s article: Bornean Orangutan

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