Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

The holiday season is upon us, so here are a few gift ideas from the editors at Animal Fact Guide for your animal lover friend or family member.

  1. Planet Earth DVDPlanet Earth
    This 5-disc series put out by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough features stunning wildlife scenes, such as a great white shark chasing a seal and a group of starving lions hunting an elephant at night.  Each 50-minute episode focuses on a different region or habitat and offers a rare glimpse at some of the world’s most elusive and fascinating animals.
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  2. Growing Up Gift SetGrowing Up Wilderness
    Animal Planet’s Growing Up… series features a different orphaned baby animal in each episode.  The show tracks the animal’s progress at a zoo or a rehabilitation center until its release into the wild (if possible) or its permanent integration into zoo life.
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  3. Zoo Gift Membership
    Purchase a gift membership for your friend or family member to a local zoo or aquarium.  Not only will the gift contribute to conservation efforts, the recipient will also receive free admission and discounts to zoo events. Furthermore, American Zoo & Aquarium (AZA)-accredited organizations participate in a Reciprocal Admission Program, where membership privileges to one zoo/aquarium extends to all partner organizations as well.
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  4. Adopt a wolf kitAdopt a Wild Animal
    Symbolically adopting a wild animal in danger of extinction is a great gift to those concerned about the world’s wildlife. Several organizations offer gift adoptions for species such as polar bears, pandas, wolves, tigers, and more.  Adoption kits often include a plush toy, a photo, certificate of adoption, and information about how the donation will help that particular animal.
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