BOOK REVIEW: Flamingos Are Pretty Funky

In this hilarious, fact-filled book, we meet six species of flamingos. (Did you know there were SIX species?) And we also meet a snake who is learning about flamingos too and provides amusing commentary.

Through comic-style pages and sidebars that provide more detail, Flamingos Are Pretty Funky shows us why flamingos are funky and fabulous: from the reason their feathers turn pink to why they stand on one leg to their ability live in extreme environments!

Flamingos Are Pretty Funky offers the best combination of humor and fun facts. Kids will love giggling through this fresh and funny nonfiction picture book!

Flamingos Are Pretty Funky: Funny Books about Flamingos

Flamingos Are Pretty Funky: Funny Nonfiction Book by Abi Cushman

Author/Illustrator: Abi Cushman
Publisher: Greenwillow Books / HarperCollins
Pub Date: June 4, 2024
ISBN: 978-0063234444

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Baby Flamingo at SeaWorld Orlando

Walker, the baby flamingo

Walker is a four-week-old Caribbean flamingo at SeaWorld Orlando. He eats fish, krill, hard boiled eggs, and cereal. When he matures, he’ll also eat a special formula made just for flamingos. At three years, he’ll develop the characteristic bright pink plumage. The coloring results from eating carotenoid pigments found in a variety of plant and animal life.

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Walker, the baby flamingo

Walker the baby flamingo

(Photos by Jason Collier/SeaWorld Orlando)