VIDEO: Penguin Chicks Dive 50 Feet Off Cliff

National Geographic cinematographer Bertie Gregorie captured the amazing moment when a group of emperor penguin chicks traveled to an Antarctic cliff and took a 15-meter (50-foot) leap.

According to Gregorie, he’d seen chicks take their first swim by jumping a couple feet from the ice into the water, but he’d never seen a jump this high before.

This footage, which was captured by drone, is part of the documentary series, Secrets of the Penguins, which will premiere on National Geographic and Disney+ on April 22.

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VIDEO: Rare White Rhino Calf Born at the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo was thrilled to welcome a new baby white rhino on December 28. Mother Sabi is doing well as a first-time mom, keeping close watch of her calf and keeping him clean.

Sabi and her newborn calf at the Toronto Zoo

Sabi and her newborn calf at the Toronto Zoo. Photo credit: Toronto Zoo.

Sabi and her newborn calf at the Toronto Zoo.

Photo credit: Toronto Zoo.

White rhinoceroses are considered Near Threatened by the IUCN, with their numbers decreasing in the wild. Toronto Zoo participates in a conservation breeding program to maintain genetically diverse populations of white rhinos.

For more information, see the Toronto Zoo website.

VIDEO: Aww! Bear Cub Cuddles

Fern and Juniper are two orphaned brown bear cubs living at Woodland Park Zoo. Juniper was found wandering around alone at an air base in Anchorage, Alaska. Fern was rescued from Montana. At Woodland Park Zoo, they have become fast friends.

Watch a video below of them playing:

To learn more about this adorable duo, see the Woodland Park Zoo website.

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Giraffes Now Vulnerable of Extinction


Film still from “Last of the Longnecks.” Courtesy of Iniosante Studios.

The IUCN has recently reclassified giraffes from a species of least concern to one vulnerable of extinction. Giraffe populations in Africa have declined 40% since 1985. All nine subspecies of giraffe are officially in trouble.

Iniosante Studios has spent the last three years documenting the situation in their film, “Last of the Longnecks,” which has helped bring global awareness to the plight of giraffes and instigated a reclassification by the IUCN. To obtain accurate figures for the IUCN, more than a dozen researchers combed the savannas in trucks, wandered trails on foot, flown in aircraft, and studied remote cameras.

“We’ve been working alongside the researchers in our film for the past three years to sound the alarm,” said Ashley Scott Davison, the film’s director. “Until recently, few people were even aware of the situation facing giraffes. This reclassification by the IUCN is pivotal to get the public to take action for our planet’s tallest animal.”

Watch a trailer of “Last of the Longnecks” below:

To learn more, see the website for “Last of the Longnecks.”

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BBC’s Planet Earth II Sneak Peek

Ten years ago, the BBC debuted it’s amazing series, Planet Earth, which documents beautiful, intriguing, and rare moments of life on Earth. Planet Earth II promises to capture even more amazing moments, taking advantage of significant advances in filming technology.  Similar to the original series, Sir David Attenborough will narrate.

Watch the full trailer below:

Double Cuteness: Two Baby Sloths at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Baby sloths

Meet the newest baby sloths at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Daisy’s baby (left) and Grizzly’s baby (right). Photo by Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay recently welcomed two baby sloths!

A Hoffman’s two-toed sloth was born on March 24 to mother Grizzly and father Teddy. The little one only weighed 186 grams (6.6 ounces) at birth and wasn’t nursing regularly. So the animal care team at Busch Gardens decided to hand-nurse the baby via syringe every two hours. Currently, the baby is healthy and under 24-hour watch.

Baby sloth being hand-fed.

The animal care team feeds Grizzly’s baby by syringe. Photo by Busch Gardens.

A Linne’s two-toed sloth was born on April 2 to mother Daisy and father Mario. Weighing 550 grams (19.4 ounces) at birth, the baby is currently healthy and being cared for by its mother. The animal care team is monitoring closely.

Linne's sloth baby

The animal care team checks Daisy’s baby, who is still under her daily care.

Watch a video below of the two baby sloths:

One interesting fact about two-toed sloths is that they actually have three toes. (All sloths have three toes per foot.) But two-toed sloths have only two claws per foot. For more interesting sloth facts, see our article about the brown-throated three-toed sloth.

VIDEO: Baby Sea Otter Sleeping on Mother’s Belly

The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California caught an adorable moment on camera: a mother otter with her newborn pup sleeping on her belly.

Mama otter is actually a wild otter who ventured into the protected basin of the Great Tide Pool area of the aquarium to rest from the winter storms. She gave birth to her pup on December 20.

Learn more at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Tumblr page.