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Baby Aardvark at Busch Gardens

On March 26, Busch Gardens welcomed a new baby aardvark!  The newborn currently weighs 4.8 pounds, but it is estimated to grow more than 120 pounds within its first year.   The baby is being cared for by the animal care team behind the scenes at Jambo Junction.  Check back at Busch Gardens’ Facebook page to find out when the little aardvark will make its public debut.

Baby aardvark at Busch Gardens

Baby aardvark at Busch Gardens

In the wild, aardvarks are solitary and elusive. They inhabit various ecosystems south of the Sahara in Africa, and they feed mainly on ants and termites.  They are adept diggers, capturing their prey underground and creating burrows to rest in during the day.  Because other animals use these burrows for shelter, the aardvark is considered a keystone species.

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  1. How adorable. I want to thank you for the I Bought A Zoo gift pack. I just found out that I won and I cannot wait to show my little granddaughter this wonderful film.

    Thanks so much
    Sue Hunter