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New Babies at Busch Gardens

Watch as a sable antelope takes her first steps just minutes after being born:

Although the first steps can be a little shaky, it only takes 3-5 days for sable antelope babies to be able to run as fast as the herd.

Busch Gardens Tampa welcomed another new addition: a baby Cape buffalo! Cape buffaloes are extremely social; members of the same group will stay in direct contact with each other and will often sleep with their heads resting on one another.

Cape buffalo baby and mother

At birth, this baby Cape buffalo weighed 45 pounds. Full-grown Cape buffaloes can weigh up to 2000 pounds!

Baby Cape buffalo and mother

Photos and video by Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

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One thought on “New Babies at Busch Gardens

  1. I am fortunate o live less than 2km from the Kruger National Park where we get to witness great herds of buffalos (200 plus) roaming in their natural environment! Here’s an interesting fact for you…Old buffalo bulls, past their reproductive peak, leave the herd and are usually found alone or in small groups. They are nicknamed ‘dhaga-boys’. Dhaga is the Zulu word for mud and refers to their love of wallowing in the mud. The mud helps to protect their skin from the elements. Dhaga-boys are vulnerable to predators and thus very temperamental and one of the most dangerous animals to approach on foot.