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National Geographic Channel’s Expedition Week

Bengal Tiger

A Bengal Tiger caught on a camera trap (India). (Photo Credit: © Steve Winter/Panthera)

From April 3-9, National Geographic Channel is hosting Expedition Week, which features 13 new programs over 7 days taking viewers to never before-seen-places all over the world.

Two of the programs feature stories about tigers:

LOST LAND OF THE TIGER (Friday, April 8 at 9PM ET/PT)

Go in search of an undiscovered tiger population rumored to be hidden in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.  This pristine country of lush forests, clear rivers and icy mountains could hold the key to safeguarding the future for these big cats.  But first, the team must trek across Bhutan’s wildest terrain and face its extreme weather — pushing the expedition to its very brink.  With cameras strategically placed, the team is closing in on capturing key evidence of the tigers said to be living here.

Watch a clip of the team reviewing footage from the camera traps they set around Bhutan:

TIGER MAN (Friday, April 8 at 10 PM ET/PT)
A seemingly impossible dream: to create a new population of wild tigers outside their natural habitat. One man, John Varty, did just that. Starting with two young, zoo-born tigers, Varty now has more than 15 tigers at his Tiger Canyons reserve, and has used ever-present cameras to document two years of their lives. Whether mating, birthing or hunting, Varty shows these magnificent tigers with remarkable, “up close and personal” detail. His methods can be controversial, but it’s a gripping, intimate look at tigers as never seen before.

Watch as one of the tigers, Shadow, gives birth:

Catch these stories and more April 3-9 on the National Geographic Channel.

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