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Tiger Summit Discusses the Future of Wild Tigers

Politicians and wildlife conservation organizations are currently convening to discuss the dire state of wild tiger populations.  Experts have concluded that only 3,200 tigers are left in the wild.  This is a stark contrast to the 100,000 tigers that once roamed the world a century ago.  Participants of the tiger summit are proposing plans to double tiger populations by the year 2022, which is the next Chinese Year of the Tiger.

The plan includes measures to:

  • Cut down on poaching, smuggling, and illegal trade of tigers and their body parts
  • Conserve tiger habitat, including their breeding grounds
  • Create incentives for local communities to become part of the tiger conservation effort

To ensure success and bolster tiger populations, the 13 countries that still have tigers would have to raise $350 million dollars for the first 5 years of the plan, and they would would need the cooperation and support of international organizations and other governments.

Amur tiger on the prowl.

Can the tiger summit save wild tigers?

To learn more about the tiger summit, visit: Bloomberg News.

For information about the Siberian or Amur tiger, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Siberian Tiger.

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One thought on “Tiger Summit Discusses the Future of Wild Tigers

  1. Siberian tigers and South China tigers are the most endangered cat species in the world. In the wild they were fewer than three thousand, and their number is constantly decreasing. People hunt them for their fur and because of traditional Asian medicine. It would be a shame that these amazing animals are gone forever, and remain only in stories.