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New Carnivorous Mammal Discovered

Researchers from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Natural History Museum, London, Nature Heritage, Jersey, and Conservation International have discovered and identified a new species called Durrell’s vontsira.

The small, mongoose-like carnivore from Madagascar was first spotted swimming in the Lac Alaotra marshes by Durrell scientists in 2004.  After examining the new find and comparing blood and tissue samples to that of its closest relative, the brown-tailed vontsira, Natural History Museum zoologists noted differences in skull, teeth, and paws. Durrell’s vontsira is specially adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.  As the newly discovered vontsira species only inhabits Lac Alaotra, it is especially important to protect those wetlands, which are currently threatened by silting and pollution.

New species: Durrell's vontsira

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