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Lion Ranger on Nat Geo Wild

Lion ranger Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson in the Kingdom of the White Lion reserve, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo Credit: © Renegade Pictures)

Kevin Richardson, a self-taught animal behaviorist, introduces you life on a lion compound in Lion Ranger, premiering tonight September 6, 2010 at 9pm ET/PT on Nat Geo Wild.  In the first episode, we meet Kaiser’s Pride, the biggest pride in the Kingdom of the Great White Lion and home to three rare white lions.

In the video below, Kevin receives three new young lions and welcomes them into the compound. Will the rest of the lions be as accepting?

Watch a video of the new lions meeting a special member of Bandit’s pride:

In this video, a lion cub is found dead in the enclosure. What was the cause of such a violent death?

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4 thoughts on “Lion Ranger on Nat Geo Wild

  1. Really enjoyed watching the short clip from Nat Geo Wild. Unfortunately I have very limited cable and do not receive Nat Geo Wild. If possible, would like to view as much Lion Ranger as possible. Keep the clips coming!

    Kevin Rocks……

  2. I wish you could see the whole “lion Ranger” series… I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE, the
    MALE LION. I can’t get over the ” Majestic ” look.

    If you could see How Kevin Richardson acts with them, Its heavenly!!! Not all
    of them are “Great White Lion’s”, He has regular Lions too. I favor the Regular

  3. I love this show and i wish i could help and give donations to the place is there any way to find out how to send donations?