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Rare Primate Photographed

One of the most reclusive primates in the world, the Horton Plains slender loris has only been spotted four times since 1937. So rare were sightings that researchers thought the loris had gone extinct sometime between sightings in 1939 and 2002.

All species of slender loris are native to Sri Lanka and southern India. Deforestation has led to a decline in all populations and prompted a study of the nocturnal animals.

It was during this study the photograph of the male Horton Plains slender loris was taken.

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One thought on “Rare Primate Photographed

  1. Good posting and nice picture!!
    Thanks for sharing the information and its interesting.Its shown that the researches of Srilanka has taken immense effort for the snap. The information given in the site was informative.Thanks!!