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New Species of Spider Discovered in Israel

Cerbalus aravensis spider

Photo by Yael Olek

With a leg span of 14 cm (5.5 in.), a new spider found in the dune of the Sands of Samar in Israel is the largest of its type in the Middle East.  It was discovered in the southern Arava region in Israel and given the scientific name, Cerbalus aravensis.

Although scientists still need to conduct a full study of the creature, they do know that it is a nocturnal spider that lives in an underground den with a “lifting door” made of glued sand particles so the den remains camouflaged.

The Israel Land Administration plans to continue mining the Sands of Samar, which will reduce this spider’s habitat and jeopardize its survival.

For more information, see NatGeo News Watch.

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