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Friend a Gorilla: Help an Endangered Mountain Gorilla Through Social Networking

Uganda GorillaThe Uganda Wildlife Authority is launching a new program to help raise funds and awareness for the very endangered mountain gorilla.

Starting this Saturday, September 26, you can friend or follow specific gorillas living in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest on Facebook or Twitter for a minimum donation of $1. You will get updates on your gorilla friend(s), including photos, videos, and GPS coordinates – all data gathered by actual trackers that visit the gorillas daily.

According to Lillian Nsubuga, a spokeswoman for the Uganda Wildlife Authority, “For people who think Uganda is a village in Kenya or have only ever heard of the country because of (former dictator) Idi Amin, we want to create a new, more beautiful image. We’re hoping that the online fans will one day come to Uganda to meet their gorilla friends for real.”

For more information about the Friend a Gorilla program, see:
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To learn more about endangered mountain gorillas, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Mountain Gorilla.

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