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PenguinWCam-smallNo, that’s not a rocket pack attached to this penguin. This penguin is outfitted with a Crittercam, a durable camera that records the animal’s everyday life from its point of view. Over 60 different animals have worn the Crittercam, which was developed by National Geographic.

The Museum of Science, Boston, has opened an exhibit which showcases the video and data collected by animals wearing the Crittercam.

From their press release:

Through a series of interactive displays and models, Crittercam takes visitors overland and undersea, illustrating everything from the hunting behaviors of sharks to the napping pattern of a young Alaskan bear.

Beyond exploring the personal adventures of some of the world’s most fascinating and powerful animals, the exhibit also focuses on the Crittercam technology. Revealing the technology behind Crittercam, the exhibit allows visitors to touch and examine models. Crittercam also gives them the opportunity to design their own using a Build-a-cam computer interactive.

The exhibit runs through August 30th. Catch it while you can!

For more information visit Crittercam Chronicles or the Museum of Science, Boston.

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