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Orangutan Plans Great Escape from Australian Zoo

At the Adelaide Zoo, Karta, a 27-year-old female orangutan hatched an ingenious plan to escape from her enclosure. Jamming a stick into the wires of the electric fence surrounding her, she short-circuited the system. She then piled up debris near the concrete and glass wall and climbed out. However, after literally sitting on the fence for half an hour, she decided to go back in the enclosure after all. Zoo veterinarians stood by with tranquilizer guns just in case.

For more info on Karta, see MSNBC.com.

To learn more about orangutans and their clever use of tools, see Animal Fact Guide’s article: Bornean Orangutan.

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One thought on “Orangutan Plans Great Escape from Australian Zoo

  1. I’ve seen her doing some pretty amazingly smart things myself! Like getting inside an electrified circle that was around a tree protecting it while some new plants grew at its base.