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New Approach to Protecting Endangered Species


The US Fish and Wildlife Service plan on adding 48 species, including the akikiki (shown above), to the endangered species list.

On Kauai, Hawaii’s northernmost island, there are 48 species of animal and plant life that the US Fish and Wildlife Service would like to place on the endangered species list.  Up until now, the standard practice would be to protect each species separately, but a new plan consists of protecting an ecosystem as a whole.

Under the new plan, 27,674 acres of habitat will be protected and studied.  The habitat, which includes a range of ecosystems such as rain forest, moist lowlands and dry cliffs, currently faces destruction or modification by feral goats and pigs, nonnative plants, and hurricanes.

For more information: Honolulu Star Bulletin, “New protection for habitats”

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