Featured Animal

Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth

Did you know that sloths are specially-adapted to hang upside-down in trees? In fact, even their fur hangs upside down, running from their stomachs to their backs! This helps the rain water flow away from their bodies. Read more >

New Animals

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  • Groundhog or woodchuck


    The tradition says if a groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, there will be six more weeks of winter. Otherwise spring will come early. But how much do you really know about groundhogs?

  • Fennec fox

    Fennec Fox

    Fennec foxes are the world’s smallest foxes. But though they are small, fennec foxes have exceptionally large, batlike ears. Their ears help them detect prey underneath the sand!

  • Harp seal pup

    Harp Seal

    Harp seals get their name from a dark harp-shaped patch on their back. But you might be more familiar with their adorable fluffy white pups, which may be the cutest baby animals on the planet!

  • Hamster


    Many people know about hamsters because they are very popular pets. Maybe you even have a pet hamster yourself! But did you know this fuzzy, adorable rodent can also be found in the wild?

  • Caracal


    Long, black tufted ears are the distinguishing feature of the caracal, a sleek, medium-sized wild cat found in Africa and Asia. In fact, the name caracal means “black ears” from the Turkish word, karrah-kulak.

Animal Quiz

Baby Animal Names Quiz

Aww... baby animals are adorable. But do you know what a baby snow leopard is called? What about a baby echidna? Test your knowledge about baby animal names in this fun quiz!

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